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The Best 90s Fashion Trends for Men

Thanks to blockbusters like Stranger Things, 90s kids are looking to relive their glory days! Slightly more toned-down than the 80s, 90s men’s fashion saw the dawn of the grunge era, the party days of the rave era, and mainstream love for all things hip hop. Here are some iconic 90s fashion trends for men that are on trend right now.

#1 – Biker Jackets

There’s simply nothing fiercer than a black leather or faux leather jacket, and in the 90s, this punk staple made a strong comeback. With more studs and zips than you can justify, it’s the ultimate anti-fashion fashion statement and it keeps you warm too – what’s not to love? For an iconic look, pair it with a white or comic-inspired t-shirt and jeans.

#2 – Baggy Jeans

In the 90s, hip hop had a huge style influence on how we wore our jeans – and baggy is back. Oversized and barely hanging on your hips, these are the opposite of the sleek skinnies we’ve seen on the shelves for so long. Comfortable and stylish, today’s baggies aren’t quite as large as their 90s hip-hop menswear fashion predecessors, but they still have what it takes. And they still look good with an oversized sports jersey.

#3 – High-Top Sneakers

Sneakers have been a huge fashion trend for men, and now they’re getting a retro re-styling. Think Air Jordans and Reebok basketball shoes that hug your ankle and are so large they needed their own baggage check-in ticket. You may not want to supersize your sneakers yet but be on the lookout for bold retro colours like red, black, and yellow, chunky soles, and high rises.

#4 – Windbreakers

Fashion isn’t always impractical, which is why 90s windbreakers are back. While they used to be a thinner nylon with bold logos and colours like turquoise and purple, they’re a little more refined these days. Now, they’re back in classic colours and two-tones with a more tailored fit, more pockets, and more weather protection.

#5 – Plaid Shirts

90s grunge fashion for men was nothing if not a love story to the plaid shirt. Wear it open and layered over a t-shirt like icon Kurt Cobain, paired with ripped acid-washed jeans and worn-in Vans. It’s a great informal look that’s comfortable, versatile, and has been well-missed over the decades, and its worn-in appeal is well worth a comeback.

#6 – Bright Summer Styles

If you were heading to the beach or park in the summer in the 90s, chances are you were wearing surfer styles and a touch of neon. Bright, colourful, and expressive, it’s the perfect chance to add some personality and laid-back fun to your wardrobe for the season. From sleeveless tanks and drawstring shorts to flat-brimmed caps and the iconic fanny pack, there’s a lot to choose from that scream 90s fun in the sun. 

#7 – Bucket Hats

Say goodbye to trucker caps – the bucket hats are back! Inspired by men’s 90s hip-hop fashion, bucket hats were a favourite for Liam Gallagher too. What’s more, they made the crossover to 90s men’s rave fashion, making them one of the most versatile accessories of the decade. They’re a great casual hat as well as a statement piece, coming in bold designs as well as everyday staples. And they keep the sun off your face too.

#8 – Cargo Pants

In addition to baggier jeans, cargo pants are also making a comeback! Carry every accessory you have in these wardrobe staples which usually come in khaki, black, or brown. Today’s cargo pants are a little more fitted but just as practical, and you can find options in sweatpants and high-quality cotton too.

Where to Buy 90s Men’s Fashion

As for where to buy modern, 90s-inspired menswear, there’s nowhere better than Boundary Outlet. Our stores are located in Grantham, Sheffield, Colne, Walsall, and Newcastle.

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