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Women’s Fashion Inspiration From the 80s

In terms of 80s fashion for women, the trends and styles in the 1980s occupy such a special place. In an era before social media and fashion influencers, 80s women’s fashion derived its inspiration from music and TV shows, producing more style icons than any other decade. The 80s fashion styles for women are best described as “big,” “bright,” and “loud,” with eye-straining colours and patterns, power suits, shoulder pads, dramatic earrings, and acid wash jeans. Not only did the 1980s have an impact on culture and fashion, but also on the trends we wear now, in 2022. Boundary Outlet has compiled a list of the most memorable 80s fashion trends so that you may recreate them and make them your own.

80s Power Suit Fashion

Power suits and power dressing were all the rage in 80s women’s fashion thanks to celebrities and movie stars portraying powerful, ambition-driven businesswomen who started the trend. The shoulder pads that were popular during this time period are a terrific method to give the appearance of a small waist and an hourglass figure. With oversized lapels, pencil skirts with sharp edges, and lace accents, some of this era’s main influencers redefined what a powerful woman should appear like in the workplace. The result was an instantly recognisable design that merged hyper-masculine and feminine aesthetics.

80s Workout Fashion

80s fashion for women was heavily inspired by stars and celebrities who promoted fitness and aerobics on television. Baggy sweaters, skinny lycra, high-rise bodysuits, headbands, and even neon-coloured leggings were among the aerobic attire options. These 80s fashion styles for women required legwarmers to complete the look. This fitness style was loud and proud, with flamboyant clothing for ladies that matched the decade’s theme of excess.

80s Holiday and Swimsuit Fashion

High-cut one-pieces were included in the 80s women’s fashion scene as some of the most well-liked swimwear around. The high cut was designed to elongate the legs while the waist tucked everything into a slimmer silhouette. Going to the beach during the power-dressing era was all about flaunting your assets. These outfits included cut-out one-pieces, bandeau bikini tops, and bottoms with super-high cuts and vibrant prints. Similar to the decade’s fitness and aerobic trends, surf culture contributed to the explosion of beachwear. The most widely used colours were bright and filled with animal patterns.

80s Punk Fashion

Before there was 90s grunge, the gentler forms of post-punk 80s fashion were influenced by a fusion of skinhead culture with other cultures and musical movements, from Goth rock to glam and psychedelic rock. The 1980s saw the emergence of this rebellious style, which marked a significant break from the decade’s glamorous beginning. The punk look was fierce and edgy, with trademark clothing like heavy-duty boots, band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and studded leather jackets. Punk fashion is currently regaining popularity. However, the appearance seems to be a little more relaxed and casual.

80s Shoe Fashion

As they always have, shoes played a significant role in the 80s fashion styles for women. The 1980s were all about self-expression and the exploration of many styles, from the classic pump to Doc Martens. With the massive flood of basketball and skate shoes worn by movie stars, models, and everyone in between, this decade had a significant impact on the love for streetwear that exists today. In the middle of the 1980s, ankle boots and brogues were also quite popular and were frequently worn with long skirts and thick chunky socks.

80s Preppy Fashion

Since the 1980s, the preppy style has been a significant trend and is still a popular option today. While the fashion has changed to reflect era-specific trends, some people in the 1980s were obsessed with maintaining a tidy look. To duplicate this style, layer a turtleneck with an open shirt and a cardigan that may be worn loosely or wrapped around your waist or shoulders. Add a pair of light-coloured pants and boat shoes or sneakers to finish the look.

80s Polka Dot and Pattern Fashion

There were numerous striking fashion fads to come out of the 80s fashion for women, including polka dots, which were available in almost every colour and were occasionally worn simultaneously by the most daring stars of the day. Any 80s outfit may be improved with polka dot accessories, and they can be combined with other well-liked trends like neon or animal print. Contrasting colour and pattern exploration were clearly popular in the 1980s.

Make it Your Own!

 Being confident about how you dress and what you wear is important, as it reflects who you are and how people see you. Buying new and trendy clothing has never been easier. Add your own take on a classic 80s style at Boundary Outlet where we have a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories to choose from. We are open until 8 pm from Monday to Saturday with free parking. With up to 60% off the RRP on selected products and brands. Visit one of our Boundary Outlet stores today in Colne, Grantham, Newcastle, Walsall, and Sheffield.

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