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70s Women's Fashion Inspiration

It’s no secret that fashion is circular – and what’s coming back on trend is the very best of 70s women’s fashion! From disco to hippie, here are the very best looks to have in your wardrobe.

#1 – The Boho Maxi Dress

In the 1970s, the hippie movement was going strong in both social justice and style circles. One of the most iconic 70s hippie looks for women was the bold and beautiful boho maxi dress. With bright patterns, soft cottons, and plenty of flower power to spare, this is an effortless summer look that anyone can wear. Pair it with a fringe leather bag, outsized sunglasses, and plenty of beads.

#2 – Bell-Bottoms

Inspired by sailor uniforms, these widely flared pants had a moment in the spotlight in the 90s and now they’re back! Whether they’re denim, part of a pantsuit, or a bold take on activewear, they’re the bell of the ball. They look great with sneakers, heeled boots, or sandals, and pair beautifully with a fitted top.

#3 – The Sweater Vest

Ideal for adding decorative detail to any outfit as well as keeping you warm, a sweater vest is a 70s fashion must-have for any modern wardrobe. The great thing about them is that there’s endless variety, from crochet cotton looks for a feminine, hippie appeal, a thick argyle for cooler weather, or a crew or V-neck shape for any fit. Cute and comfortable, you won’t be able to do without one!

#4 – Hot Pants

We don’t think hot pants have ever really gone away since the 70s, but they’re more versatile, fun, and body-shape-friendly than ever before. From going out for a night on the town in a chic black pair of hot pants to hitting the beach in roughed-up denims or chilling around the house in brightly patterned activewear, hot pants are a summer favourite for good reason. If you love the look but prefer to be a bit more covered up, pair them with tights or longer-length boots.

#5 – Glitter, Gold, and Sparkle

70s disco fashion was all about having fun, so it’s a great idea to liven up your wardrobe with items that gleam, sparkle, and glitter. Whether you’re confident enough to pull off golden leggings or a fully sequinned top or prefer a more toned-down look with glittery embellishments and metallic tones, there are a lot of options out there. And remember, this look is inspired by glam rock, so it’s androgynous, bold, and excessive!

#6 – Denim Everything

Think Brittney and Justin in their early years because denim is back, baby! Casual yet chic, denim is a staple in all of our wardrobes, but it’s coming into its own this season with 70s-inspired looks. This includes acid-washed jackets, bell bottoms, dresses and more with a combination of 70s wide lapels, peasant-style finishes, bustier styles, and even jumpsuits. Wearing denim on denim is no longer a fashion faux pars, but it is important to keep a similar look consistent throughout the outfit to pull it off.

#7 – Platform Shoes and Thigh-high Boots

Height is everything with 70s shoes, whether it’s a platform heel or a high-fitting boot that adds on the inches. These add a real statement or wow-factor to a 70s-inspired outfit, and pair exceptionally well with hot pants, boho maxi dresses, and disco flare. While the classics never go out of style, it’s also good to have a few pairs of shoes that shout out “You’ve arrived!”. Think gold lame platform heels, white leather or faux leather boots, or thigh-high lace-ups.

#8 – Menswear-Inspired Suits

This was a time when women were shouting for equality in the workplace but before the power suit made a splash. To express your freedom, try out womenswear options that are inspired by tailored menswear, including ties, vests, overshirts, and baggy pants. It’s Annie Hall and Diane Keaton-chic, and it looks best in paired neutrals with accents like pinstripes, tweeds, and the iconic white shirt.

Cheer Up Your Wardrobe for Less with Designer 70s-Inspired Clothing

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