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Touched by Vossen. VOSSEN is a successful concept that touches its customers’ hearts and always strives for innovation. Our raison d‘être is to provide our customers with fully sustainable products in the most wonderful colours. We produce products of the best possible quality, think and act globally, and guarantee fair working conditions. That is how we reach out to our customers – day by day.

Vossen is green. We operate sustainably. Because we believe in a better future. Treating humans and nature with respect is the foundation of everything we do. We have chosen our production facilities in Austria with that very principle in mind, continually invest in active climate and environmental protection and take our social responsibility very seriously. 

We love colours. Colours are statements that make our lives radiant. We believe that, with over 130 colours in our range, we can simply make our customers’ lives more beautiful. Colours are our passion. We love colours because colours are energy.

We stand for quality. VOSSEN towels are deliciously fluffy, soothingly stroking our skin, and you can feel just how absorbent they are. They are also all dermatologically tested and OEKO-TEX®-certified. In an international comparison, VOSSEN products are among the highest quality. That is why VOSSEN consistently invests in new technologies and product innovations — for example in the unique AIRpillow Technology — to further enhance its products.


Discover Vossen’s EVERYARN range at Colne and give something back to nature. Vossen have developed their high-quality yarn EVERYARN – in which precious yarn scraps from textile production are carefully re-integrated. In this way, Vossen create a natural cycle that draws from nature while preserves its treasures for the future.

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