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Our brand promise is Cook with Confidence.

MasterClass combines outstanding design with a passion for food. Award winning and expertly designed bakeware is packed with premium features for total confidence when cooking.

Durable Enough for Daily Baking

This baking tray is made of 1mm-thick commercial-grade carbon steel that resists warping. And with its tightly rolled edges and electroplated finish, it’s also corrosion resistant. It’s heavy duty. When you pick it up, you realise the difference between MasterClass bakeware and other baking pans. Not that it’s heavy, it’s just robust. 

The whole package is designed to deliver premium performance, and if properly cared for, will continue to do so for years to come.

Quantum II Non-Stick Coating

All Master Class non-stick bakeware features the state-of-the-art Quantum II non-stick coating, which releases food quickly, easily and without damage. Quantum II is secured with a sandblasting process, and is reinforced with ceramic materials for added durability. That’s not all, MasterClass bakeware features not one but two coats of non-stick for extra, extra durability and performance. 

Quantum II uses food-safe silicone for its non-stick properties, and is designed to outperform all conventional non-sticks.

A multiple award winning brand, MasterClass bakeware is backed by a twenty year guarantee with selected items such as varying sized baking pans featuring the size printed on the front of the pan. So even in cluttered cupboards you can always find the right pan you need for a recipe.

The range is extensive and includes high-quality classics like baking trays and muffin tins, as well as loaf pans, pie dishes and much more.

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