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Brand Threads

About us

Brand Threads is an award-winning retailer of officially licensed and sustainable character clothing for both kids and grownups. With a lovingly and ethically made clothing line, Brands Threads features iconic characters from the worlds of animation, play, film, and TV – including Disney, Marvel, WWE, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. All of which feature a range of sustainable, quality daywear and nightwear clothing options.

Our story began in 2001 with our first Disney license. Since then, millions of kids and grown-ups have worn our clothing, and we now have over 100 of the world’s favourite characters in our wardrobe. Today, Brand Threads leads the way with award-winning, sustainable character nightwear and daywear for kids and grown-ups. With an ever-increasing wardrobe of the best-known character brands, our range continues to evolve and grow across licensed night and daywear. We all share the same goal of leading the way in sustainably focused character clothing for kids and grown-ups of all ages.

Our clothing is lovingly and ethically made with a vast range of famous, iconic characters from the world of animation, play, film and TV.

Based in Manchester, at the heart of the textile and cotton industry we lead the way in showing the world that beautiful, affordable licensed character clothing can be both fun AND ethically sourced.​That’s why so many of our clothes are made from 100% natural organic cotton, Better-Cotton-Initiative cotton, or recycled polyester. Neat huh? ​We have over a 100 of the world’s favourite characters in our wardrobe, sold to consumers via online and premium retail partners.​

We’re also partnered with global initiative Ecologi planting a tree with every single order placed online to ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Additionally, we use recycled materials in all our product packaging to work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure all our products are ethically made.

Find Brand Threads here:
Kids & Baby

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